Why I Got My Colors Done

Take Charge on 11.23.12
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Photo: Team Dalog/Creative Commons

I recently decided after a hiatus from vanity that it was time to embrace my outer beauty again. It had been so long since I’d really paid attention to my appearance, however, that I wasn’t sure where to start. I started searching the web for expert advice, and I repeatedly ran across the same phrase: your signature color.

I realized not only did I not have a “signature” color – or even a favorite color – but I had no idea what colors looked best on me. I asked my husband and kids for their opinions and was met with a group shrug. I asked my girlfriends and got a wide range of answers, many of which ended with “but I think you look great in anything.” So, I decided to do something very old school: I paid for a color analysis.

Popular in the 80s, a color analysis tells you what “season” you are based on your skin, hair and eye color. The season then dictates which colored clothing you should wear and what makeup shades are most flattering. Today, there are 16 seasons to choose from, each with its own coordinating color palette.

After paying a color expert $90, I learned that I am a light summer and should stick with colors that are cool, muted and light. I was also told that black can overwhelm my light complexion and I should avoid it whenever possible. My closet consisted of mostly black clothes and the occasional scarf or t-shirt in a dark, warm shade. I had some serious revamping to do.

I now carry a collection of plastic color chips in my purse, and I only buy an item if it’s in my palette. I hung on to a few black basics, but learned to pair them with flattering colors close to my face. For the first time in my life, I’ve been exploring muted shades (colors tinted with grey, basically.)

It sounds silly and old-fashioned, my friends think I’m ridiculous, and it’s a little embarrassing to pull out my color swatches at the store. However, I’ve noticed my face actually does look brighter and less tired when I’m wearing the right shades. I’d go so far as to say I’m looking a little younger these days, as well. I think that’s $90 well spent.

Have you ever had your colors done? Do you know what season you are?

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