Trying To Tame The Chaos In Your Life? Start With Your Closet

Take Charge on 02.15.12
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Don't you hate when your life is in disarray? I know I do and as crazy as it sounds, I can trace at least part of that chaotic feeling to what's going on in my closet. That's right, my closet. When it's a mess, it just bleeds over into other aspects of my life. I feel like I'm already behind as soon as I wake up, knowing what I'm facing as I try to get dressed for the day.

So with spring around the corner, there's no better time to remedy a situation that's been out of control for far too long. That means taming the clothes closet!

1. Take everything out. This is a great place to start. Getting everything out of the closet will enable to you to give it a good cleaning; let's face it, whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, dust bunnies are everywhere. Once you have everything out, you can see what you have to work with. From there, you can decide what needs to go back in.

2. Pare Down. You know those favorite jeans you have, the ones you used to love and wore at least twice a week, four years ago? See the problem here? It was four years ago! Time to be brutally honest with yourself; do they fit now? What about the other stuff now lying on the floor? Unless you dropped serious cash for it or it's a vintage piece, into the give-away pile it goes. Don't hang onto something, thinking you can wear it when you lose 20 pounds. While that may be the case, it's just going to be taking up needed space while you trim down.

3. Make everything easy to find.  Now that you have removed the seasonal items and those that don't fit, it's time to put things back. I like to color coordinate as I find it makes it easier to build outfits. It may even save you some money since you won't buy anymore black turtlenecks because you'll be able to see the three you already own. One more tip; if you have space, you can actually build a couple of "go-to" outfits, ones that are already put together on the hanger that you can grab when you're having "one of those mornings".

4. Declutter. Raise your hand if the things you put away while cleaning the rest of your house always seem to end up in your closet. (Yep, me too.) The closet door can hide multitude of sins but it must be opened eventually and it would be great if everything didn't fall out on top of you. So while you're putting things back, don't put anything in there that won't streamline your efforts to get ready in the morning.  Put your hand weights and yoga mat where they belong, not in your clothes closet.

5. Keep it that way. This is always a huge problem for me. I get busy, don't put things away and before I know it, I am right back to this place in just a couple of months. The trick here is to take two minutes every day to put things where they go. I know, it sounds like something your mother would say, but darn it, she was right. But have no fear, even if that gets away from you, take a half hour or so at the end of the week to pull it back together.

Does a cluttered closet lead to a cluttered life for you too? What's your secret to keeping it together?

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