Simple Winter Workouts that Won’t Cost a Dime

Take Charge on 11.29.12
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Photo: Randy Pertiet/Creative Commons

When it’s warm outside, it’s easy to stay active doing free things that are fun and just happen to require physical motion. Come winter, however, most of us are more likely to be curled up next to the heat vent than frolicking in the sunshine. You could join a gym to make sure you keep moving, but you don’t have to spend money to stay in shape.

Do your errands without a car.

Yep, it’s cold outside; you’ll want to put on a coat. If you’re wearing layers and proper outerwear, you should have no problem surviving short walks to the store or bus stop. It might be too cold for a long walk, but small bursts of activity between the grocery store and the pharmacy are still better than sitting on your butt in traffic.

Walk the stairs in an office building.

This one has no hidden function; it’s all about exercise. Head to the tallest building in town and take the stairs to the top. Then, head back down. Do this a few times a week and you’ll be toned come swimsuit season. Bring headphones and your favorite music or an audiobook to keep you entertained while you climb.

Go back to bedroom calisthenics.

No fancy equipment needed and you can work out your entire body in about 15 minutes. Clear a little floor space in your bedroom and do sit-ups, pushups and squats. Your own body weight provides the perfect amount of resistance to build muscle, which helps you burn more calories all day long.

Play in the snow.

Once snow has accumulated, you’ll have plenty of options for outdoor activities that can work up a sweat: shoveling the sidewalk, building a snowman or fort, and having a snowball fight are all good calorie burners. The key is to dress in layers and look for waterproof coats, boots and gloves.

Physical fitness doesn’t have to be an added expense, just like cold weather doesn’t have to be an excuse for becoming sedentary. Find simple ways to moves your arms and legs every day and you’ll feel better all year.

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