Paring Down Your Jewelry? Easy Ways To Figure Out What Stays And What Goes

Take Charge on 03.09.12
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We talked a bit about finding ways to tame the chaos in your life starting with your closet, remember? Well, whether you keep it in the closet, your jewelry box is an extension of that. I'm a big fan of ease and convenience and being able to see what you have makes it easy to find, cutting down on precious moments in the morning when you need to be riding herd on the kids.

We're going to make this really easy but you have to be honest with yourself about what to keep. Let's divide it into these four categories: Love, Like, Last Season and Leave It.

Love: This is one's easy, right? This is for those pieces that look great on you or have sentimental value.  My husband bought me the cool necklace pictured here while on a business trip to San Francisco. It was when I was going through a particularly rough patch and the street vendor told him the little box at the bottom was where I could whisper my hopes and dreams. Every time I wear it I remember how he was thinking of me during that time. In this stack I leave my vintage and statement pieces too, like the strand of pearls I was lucky enough to stumble upon years ago.

Like: This is for the strictly utilitarian stuff. You know when you're running out the door and want to throw on earrings so you're not completely bare but don't have time to coordinate them with an outfit? Make sure it's pretty diverse in terms of color and style. Gold hoops, silver studs, maybe some faux diamonds since they go with just about everything.

Last Season. Time to pick up a magazine or check out a fashion website to see what's hot and what's not. Remember the plastics that were big last year? Yeah, not so much this year.  Go ahead and gather that all together and put it in the last season pile. From there you can bequeath to your daughter or another young girl for dress up time.

Leave It. And in this stack we have all the stuff that should have been thrown out eons ago but, for whatever reason, still has a home in your jewelry box. If you're not wearing it, it's not a statement piece, is badly out of date or broken, get rid of it.

I must admit the hardest part for me is being honest about what to get rid of. Being wasteful is never a good thing, especially not in this economy, so I probably hang on to more than I need to. But this is a good place to start.

Do you make it a habit to regularly pare down your jewelry? And what's your one statement piece?

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