How to Celebrate a Half Birthday

Take Charge on 05.01.13

Photo: Kelly Sue/Creative Commons

Half birthdays are sometimes celebrated when a kid's birthday falls in the summer or winter months. Because the child's birthday lands in the middle of summer or winter break, parents can use the half birthday--the date six months the actual birthday--as an opportunity to celebrate when friends are available to join in the fun. My older son's birthday is a few days before Christmas, so we've toyed with the idea of a half-birthday party for him. Then I realized, an actual party would be a bit much since we do make his day as special as possible. A few months ago, a mom friend shared that she has always celebrated half birthdays for her kids, regardless of whether or not the actual birthday was celebrated. It's very simple and very cute: a family only, half-birthday breakfast. 

Here are the essential components:

Keep it a secret. Don't let your child (or siblings!) know you are going to celebrate a half birthday. The less you mention, the more they'll enjoy the mini family party. When they wake up the next morning, they'll wonder what's going on and find it's their special morning.

Limit the decorations. Keep it all very simple, but fun. Have half of the number of helium balloons in the kitchen or dining area where you'll be serving breakfast. Hang half of a birthday banner or half-cut streamers. It keeps everything light hearted and silly.

Serve half a birthday cake or half the cupcakes. I love the idea of having (and halving) a birthday cake/cupcakes at breakfast. But don't forget to balance it out with a healthy meal, too, or dish out your kid's favorite morning eats.

No gifts! The whole point of the half-birthday breakfast fiesta is to celebrate your child in an unexpected way. Also? You want to keep the cost down and make focus less about stuff. So, save the gifts for their actual birthday.

Do you celebrate your child's half birthdays?

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