Dear Son: Make Sure To Treat Her Well

Take Charge on 07.13.12
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I should have seen it coming really, the dead giveaway being the cloud of cologne that accompanied my son to the breakfast table the last few weeks of the school year. Regardless, it's here now, or I should say she is here now. Yep, my son has a girlfriend.

Now before you all freak out and think me an unfit mom for talking about this, I have his permission.  Plus the threat of writing about this is the one, surefire way to get him to make his bed, but that's neither here nor there. At any rate, he must really like her; yesterday he put food in the microwave oven (while on the phone to her) and forgot to start it. Keep in mind, this is a child who never met a meal he didn't devour.

Watching this budding romance has produced mixed emotions in me. First, I'm immediately transported back to my teen years and the awkward reality of my first boyfriend; I think it lasted three days. But I learned things in that very intense three days that I will pass along to my son in this, his inaugural relationship. So son, this is for you.

1. Pay attention to her, even when you're around your friends. I know they are your buddies and there's a place for them, but don't ignore her when they are around.

2. Respect her opinion. Mutual respect goes a long way. What she says matters, just like what you say does.

3. Be a gentleman. I know it seems old-fashioned to open doors and pull out chairs. I know you think,"She's not like that," but trust me, even though she's "cool", she will appreciate it.

 4. Learn to fight fair. No calling names and, though I don't need to say this I will: physical violence has no place in a relationship. 

Remember, you are the caretaker of her heart, for as long as this thing lasts. Continue to make me proud by treating it and her well.

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