April Fool's Day Pranks to Play on Your Kids

Take Charge on 03.28.13

Photo: garlandcannon/Creative Commons

My boys are jokesters. They love playing usually harmless pranks on my husband and me. Sometimes we'll even see the pranks as they are put in motion and feign shock or laughter. But there's always payback time, and what better day to prank the kids than on April Fool's. I like using jokes and pranks that are silly and bring out the giggles. If you're in need of an April Fool's Day prank, check these ideas out.

Put eyes on everything in the refrigerator. I absolutely love the idea of having the food staring back at the kids when they open the refrigerator door. The night before, put a bunch of googly eyes of different sizes on every front-facing item in your fridge. The next morning, make sure to ask your kids to grab the milk.

Serve colored milk for breakfast.  I wouldn't tint an entire gallon of milk with food coloring, but I would add some color to a pitcher of milk that they would use for breakfast. I'd pick a dark color, too, like deep blue or even gray or black for the ick factor.

Plant donut seeds. Need a perfect prank for younger kids? Let them plant donut seeds, otherwise known as Cheerio-type cereal. Have them monitor the progress of their seeds and at the end of the day, before their final check, put a donuts where the seeds were planted!

Serve "dessert" for dinner. Whether it's pizza masked as a Bundt cake or fake cupcakes, little kids will break out big smiles when they see dessert on the table for dinner. The joke will most definitely be on them when they realize their dessert is actually pizza disguised as a delish treat.

Serve "sushi" for dessert. Not real sushi, of course, but candy sushi (like that adorable photo you see above the text). I've made this recipe and can vouch for its ease and the cuteness of it all. Add it to lunch or as after school or post-dinner treat. 

Tell them they have the day off school. Just when they start their celebratory hoots, ask them what day it is. Booyah! 

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