6 Ways A Dream Board At Work Can Help You Visualize Success

Take Charge on 04.11.12
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Since I do most of my work and writing from home, one of the battles I constantly face is organization. Keeping my thoughts and goals together and on track is one thing; trying to prevent my home life from bleeding over into the work one is another, incredibly difficult, matter. 

A while back I came to the conclusion that if I was going to succeed in both parts of my life, I needed to get it it together. I needed a roadmap; to be able to visualize where I was, where I was going and more importantly, how I was going to get there. Enter the Dream Board. I first heard Oprah talking about them years ago but only recently got serious about making one. Now, the one pictured is not mine; I'm keeping mine a secret, at least for now. But here are the ways having a Dream Board has helped me in my quest for world domination. I mean, to make it to the end of the week.

1. A Dream Board helps make goals visual. Goals need a place to start. Thinking them through is a great first step, but somehow, putting them on paper makes them more tangible. As I said, then they become more like a roadmap and less like some nebulous thought which may happen or may not happen.

2. A Dream Board helps you focus. When you are at work you need to focus, but where? Having a Dream Board helps determine where that should be. Think about it, how many of us are so busy  ticking things off the to-do list that we don't give any real thought to the long-term mission? I know, it happens to me too. With your Dream Board in plain sight, you can make focus, a daily, mental exercise. Ask yourself if you are taking steps to get to where you want to be or if you need to switch it up a bit.

3. A Dream Board can help you say "no".  Years ago I came to a conclusion and it was this; I didn't know what what I wanted to do but I knew what I didn't want to do. When that was clear in my head, I was able to turn down things that were not going to move me closer to my ultimate goal. The same goes for you. Are co-workers beating your door down with mundane requests? Boss offers a job that you know you'll hate? Say, "no" and if you feel guilty about not helping someone out, refer to your own dream board. Yes, being helpful can get you closer to your dreams, but there is a fine line between being helpful and veering off course.

4. A Dream Board can show you role models. This is critical! A lot of time we see people who are wildly successful but we don't see the hard work that went into getting them there. My role moels are people who have overcome great odds, who, through sheer persistence, found the path to success. Identify your role models then stick them on your board and remember, they didn't get there overnight either. 

5. Let your boss/employer see your Dream Board. There is nothing wrong with letting your boss know you are organized and what your big projects are, unless of course you're bucking for her job.Your dream board doesn't have to all be long-term aspirations either; just making sure you nail the next big project or are the salesperson of the month are worthy goals, and letting your boss know these are on your radar is a good idea.

6. A Dream Board helps you see progress. You can remove items from your dream board, you can mark them as done, you can even give yourself a gold star for each item you complete.  If you have big goals, make sure you also have small goals or steps leading up to the ultimate goal giving you something to cross off the list. Dreaming is important, but seeing progress towards your dreams is just as important.

Having a way to focus your energy is important in every business and in any work environment.  I know I keep going back to the roadmap analogy but it's because it works, this can be a part of our path toward success. You wouldn't take your eyes off the map to grandma's house, and you shouldn't take you eyes off this one either.

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