5 Moments to Photograph This Fall and Winter

Take Charge on 11.02.12

Photo: pawpaw67/Creative Commons

I traveled last weekend with my son and it was only when we arrived at our destination that I realized I hadn't packed my "real" camera. In fact, I hadn't packed it for many most of my trips this year, choosing to rely on my trusty iPhone for snapping photos. I love that I take good-quality photos with a smartphone, but with my Canon PowerShot, my photos are more deliberate -- and free from apps that can change the look and feel of real life with the swipe of a screen. I'm looking for unfiltered moments. 

Fall and winter make it easy to find those photographic gems (and make mental notes of which photos can vie for a spot on the family holiday card). It's rare to miss "wow" moments because you're on red-alert for them! But what about slices of everyday life?  

This fall and winter, break out your "real" camera and try to capture these five everyday moments with your kids: 

1. Playing in leaves. A classic autumn shot. But I grew up in San Francisco and the only weather differences I experienced through the year were fog and more fog. I don't live all that far from the city now, but we do have true seasons. While our fall foliage can't compete with the east coast, it's still lovely and photo inspiring. Capture your kids playing with leaves, sitting in leaves, or like this top photo, having leaves gracefully fall on them.  

2. Bundled up and cozy indoors. What happens when the weather turns cold? Do your kids get cozy with blankets and books on the couch? Sip cocoa in their blanket fort? Or curl up in bed with their favorite pets? Catch those simple moments.

3. Playing outdoors. Outdoor play changes in fall and winter, too. Capture the kids at the park, on the swings, climbing trees, playing tag…and notice the difference in clothes. Are they bulked up in jackets? Or do they get so warm that they peel off their layers and brave the cold in their t-shirts and jeans?  

4. Cooking or baking. Little hands working in the kitchen are always sweet to see. I find myself sighing deeply when I look back on photos that show how much they've grown based on their height in relation to the kitchen counter, or their hands using adult-sized utensils. You can use Thanksgiving as a good thematic benchmark, having the kids make the same dish year after year and seeing the changes over time.

5. Sweet slumber. Did you take photos of your kids asleep when they were babies? I did. But I realized I had stopped photographing them when they were asleep as they got older. I know that when I watch them sleep, I can still see glimpses of their baby-ness. Now 10 and 7, I wish I had continued snapping a few shots a year of them in their slumber.  

What photographs will you try to take this fall and winter?


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