3 Ways to Reuse Your Old Baby Clothes

Take Charge on 02.15.13
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Photo: Jan Hecking/Creative Commons

One of my favorite things about babies is the adorable miniature clothes they require. They’re so wee and cute, and they inevitably wind up infused with that heavenly baby smell. Sadly, our babies eventually outgrow even the most precious onesie. Here are a few ideas for giving those old baby clothes new life.

1. Make a quilt. You may have seen quilts made from old t-shirts; they make great high school graduation gifts. Similarly, your favorite baby clothes can be turned into a quilt for your toddler. Imagine your child taking a quilt made from her baby clothes off to college one day! (Are you crying? I’m totally crying right now.) The beauty of this project is that you can even reuse stained clothes that you wouldn’t want to sell or donate; just cut your blocks from the stain-free sections. Craftastical offers a detailed tutorial for making the quilt yourself, or Jelly Bean Quilts can do the work for you if you’re not a sewer.

2. Make a stuffed animal. If a twin-sized quilt sounds too daunting, consider a cuddle-sized craft instead. Convert a favorite outfit into a stuffed animal. You’ll need little more than a needle, some thread, and a bit of stuffing to get the job done. Any stuffed animal pattern will work, as long as you have enough fabric in the garment. In addition to making these plush toys for your own little one, you can make up a few extras to use as gifts.

3. Donate them to a local children’s hospital. Donating your baby clothes means you won’t get to see them and relive the memories, but you can enjoy knowing that you did a good deed. And, there’s nothing like taking a visit to a local children’s hospital or NICU to make you really appreciate having a healthy, growing baby at home. Other organizations that can do a lot of good with little clothes may include battered women shelters and homeless shelters.

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