3 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Take Charge on 02.14.13

Photo: tommerton2010/Creative Commons

Okay, I am a little bit obsessed with the eyes right now, from makeup tips to learning about how eating, drinking and sleeping habits impact eye health. And...It may have to do with the fact that I have perpetually dark, puffy circles under my eyes from sinus-related issues.

Until recently, I was a die-hard user of Mary Kay Soothing Eye Gel until it started irritating my eyes. In search of a new fix, I tested out several methods and products geared towards reducing eye puffiness. Smoothing out wrinkles was an added bonus. Check out the three that made the cut.

Frownie Eye Gels (Amazon.com, $24) I received a pack of Frownie Eye Gels and the Rose Water Hydrator Spray as part of my January Birchbox. According to Frownies, cactus collagen and a host of other natural ingredients in the gel pads help decrease puffy eyes and wrinkles. I applied the gel pads as directed by placing them under my eyes for 30 minutes for three consecutive days. The dark circles under my eyes lightened and the puffiness had decreased. Overall, the under-eye area looked noticeably different. One pack contains two gel pads and they can only be used for 3-4 applications. So, you use them for the initial 3 days, then once for 30 minutes a week later, and then you have to toss the pack. You also need to purchase the Rose Water Hydrator Spray (Frownies.com, $12) to keep the gel pads moist in between applications. It's a pricey option but it's worth using during allergy season when your eye issues are at their worst, or if you are gearing up for an occasion where you want your eyes looking their best.

Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Anti-Aging Roller (Drugstore.com, $19). Olay Regenerist is my go-to, routine product to get rid of tired-looking eyes. A key ingredient is caffeine, which is known to reduce swelling. I apply it in the morning several times a week. One tube has lasted me more than a month, so it's definitely more cost effective than Frownies.

Black Tea Bags. Forget fancy products and buy a package of black tea bags. Steep two bags in water for several minutes, let them slightly cool, and then apply them to your eyes for at least 10 minutes. Again, the caffeine acts to reduce the overall puffiness under your eyes. You won't see a change in wrinkles, but once the inflammation is reduced, you should also see an improvement in those dark circles. (You can also try out these other home remedies to reduce puffiness.)

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