3 Thanksgiving Crafts for the Uncrafty

Take Charge on 11.13.12
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I love the idea of being a crafty person. I do not, unfortunately, actually possess the talent of craftiness. This combination usually produces disastrous results, and my husband has come to despise Pinterest. Nonetheless, I am determined to have some fall-flavored crafting time with my kids this Thanksgiving. If you also struggle to cut a straight line but are yearning to make something with your hands, consider tackling one of these super simple crafts for the uncrafty this month.

Festive Fall Candles


Glass cylinder (a vase, candleholder or mason jar should do the trick)

Dried lentils and/or popcorn kernels

Tea lights

To make:

Fill the candleholder with the dried lentils or popcorn kernels. Place tea light on top. DONE!

You can stick with a uniform look or layer different colored lentils in the glass. If you really want to get fancy, you can tie some ribbon around the glass.

Painted Pumpkin Table Settings


Small pumpkins

Acrylic paint (a cream or light tan color works well against the orange) and paint brush

To make:

Paint one letter onto each pumpkin. DONE! (Inspiration found here.)

You can make these table toppers reusable by painting the first letter of your last name, or make personalized place settings using the first letter of your guests’ first names. If you really want to get fancy, you can paint patterns or stripes onto some of your pumpkins.

Thankful Wipe Board


Picture frame with glass

Dry-erase marker

Computer connected to Internet and printer

To Make:

Search Pinterest or Google for “free Thanksgiving Printables”. Print your favorite (one with plenty of white space works best). Put the printed sheet of paper in the frame. DONE!

You can now write what you’re thankful for in the white space and make changes daily. If you really want to get fancy, you can paint the frame or use decorative stationary.

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