3 Easy, Completely Doable Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Day

Take Charge on 02.28.12
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I was talking to a friend the other day, and she was telling me how when she lived in a state with harsh winters, she and her friends would come down with a case of the dreaded "sweater disease" each spring. I was immediately concerned. What it this "sweater disease"? Is it something you get when the bacteria makes itself at home in the tight knit of your favorite cowl-neck? It must be horribly painful, complete with fever, runny nose and stomach discomfort, no?

Well, turns out this "sweater disease" is actually code for the weight gain that comes in winter -- you know, that which creeps up on us after being hidden under mounds of wool for months at a time. First step in healing the "disease"? Removing the sweater and taking a good, hard look at what's underneath. But then what?

When you feel like you're always busy, you start trying to recover time in your day -- and at least in my case, the first place that looks like a gap is workout time. But you know (and we're reminded as February is heart month) that exericse is critical to our health and well-being. Fitting it in? Well that's a whole different situation. 

That's not to say it can't be done. Here are a few tricks.

1. Make exercise part of your routine. I write it down in my to-do list and it becomes something important that needs to be accomplished, just like cranking out blog posts or working on other aspects of my business. We are creatures of habit, finding comfort in knowing where we are going and what we're doing any given day. Writing it down is the first step in making it come to fruition. The best part? The feeling of accomplishment when you cross it off your list.

2. Make it something you like. I'm not a fitness professional, but I am a student of life and I know this much to be true; if you don't enjoy it, you're not going to stick with it. If you hate the gym, but love the camaraderie of being with friends, how about a brisk walk everyday? It's probably not going to turn you into a supermodel but it will help your heart, in more ways than one.

3. A little beats none at all. If you don't get your exercise in by the time you routinely do, don't throw in the towel. A little bit is better than none at all. Take 15 minutes to do a little stretching at your desk or better yet, a walk around the block. Not only will you feel better you might notice a boost in productivity. Hey, couldn't we all use that?

How do you fit exercise into your day? Do you view it as something important that must happen or more like an accordion that gets squeezed out when the pressure is on?

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