10 Fashionable and Chic Pajamas You Can Wear Any Time of Day (1 of 11)

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Soft & Cozy Flannel

Pajama-inspired dressing has been a growing trend in the past few seasons. Many celebrities, most notably Rihanna, are incorporating pajama pieces into their everyday look. That means if you are still sleeping in baggy sweatpants and oversized cartoon-themed t-shirts, you're due for a pajama upgrade. Not only will you look more stylish over your morning coffee or when neighbors unexpectedly stop by, but you'll also have new components to choose from when pulling an outfit together on a typical morning. 

Cozy Flannels

There's really nothing else that can compete with the coziness of sleeping in warm flannel jammies. This set remains comfortable, while also form-fitted. The cheerful, slim, and stretchy ribbed top makes a great layering piece under your favorite sweater, when paired with jeans. The drawstring flannel pants, in a mature polka-dot print are perfect for spending a winter's day lounging around at home. (Soft & Cozy PJ Set, $50)

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Photo Credit: Gap.com