The 10 Best-Dressed Moms at the Oscars (1 of 11)

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Amy Adams

There's a lot of talk about how women can quickly lose their style once they become mothers, and I know it's not easy to stay on top of your style game, what with all the spit up, diaper explosions, and sleepless nights. Many of us struggle to pull it together for a simple date night in town with our husbands and could never imagine having millions of people ogling over our outfits on a red carpet after we've spent the day doing our typical routine. While I know that the fabulous mothers I'm featuring here have had lots of help from stylists and caregivers, I can't help but still be very impressed with how well they rocked the Oscars red carpet (many of them much better than their childless colleagues). Every mother knows that being a mom is your number one job so when you can do it and still look this smokin' hot, you deserve an award.

Amy Adams

This was the first dress of the night that stopped me in my tracks. Amy Adams looks soft and feminine in the beautiful tiers of pale gray tulle designed by Oscar de la Renta (can that man do no wrong?), and the lines of the bodice and belted waist accentuate her slight frame. The simple up-do makes her still seem like the girl next door...but in a really fancy dress.

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