10 Genius Ways to Use Mason Jars Around the House (1 of 11)

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Perfect Parfait

I've been seeing mason jars used quite a bit lately and in just about every way imagineable. I'm generally not one to hop on the trend train so while I love the look of mason jars, I was hesitant to start using them on a regular basis as it seems that everyone is doing it. But recently I broke down and bought a case of them, and I'm pretty sure I'll never look back. These inexpensive (about $10-14 for a case of 12) food storage items are timeless, sturdy, and just plain useful. I'm not even through my first case of them yet, and I want to go buy more of them in different sizes because I'm certain that if you have mason jars on hand, you will rarely lack for anything in the home decor or utility department. Here are a few of my favorite uses for them.

Perfect Parfait

Why would anyone use a regular dish when you could present a dessert (or anything for that matter) in a mason jar that shows off all of the wonderful ingredients? Amber at Sprinkled With Flour serves up her Banana Split Cupcakes (as if she had to make them any more appealing) in sweet jars. They're also perfect for parfaits, ice cream, or fruit salad and when you're on the go just pop the top onto them for easy transporting and serving all in one.

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Photo Credit: Amber Potter/Sprinkled With Flour