10 Tips for Setting Up a Grade A Study Space (1 of 11)

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Homework on the Floor

A comfortable, organized, and efficient study area will do more for your child's education than any other space in your home -- but finding one that's kid-approved, homework-friendly, and stylish is harder than it sounds. Here, we've pulled together 10 tips (plus a few bonus suggestions) for helping your child's desk area make the grade.

Ask Your Child What Works Best
At first glance, you may think there are so many things wrong with this picture. How is she doing her homework while listening to music? She can't be comfortable lying on the floor like that, can she? But in reality, everything is perfectly conducive to studying -- as long as it works for the student.

All students learn differently. Some need total quiet, while others thrive with some white noise in the background. Some may pick a lesson up rather quickly, and some will need a little bit more time to absorb it. Whatever style your student uses, the best learning will happen in the most comfortable environments.

Bonus tip: Studies have shown that listening to music can help a child absorb information -- as long as it's the right music. Fast-paced music can actually hinder learning.

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