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sponges in fabric softener mixture

Inexpensive Fabric Softener Sheet

This recipe for fabric softener sheets is also thanks to Michelle Duggar; my theory is, if it works for Michelle (who does more laundry than anyone I know) then it's gotta be good!

Do you know how many chemicals are in those little dryer sheets? This inexpensive version uses re-useable sponges and diluted fabric softener. They are easier on the wallet and on the environment.

Make It: Pour one large bottle of liquid fabric softener into a bucket. Fill the empty softener container with water and add it to the bucket. Repeat to give you a 2:1 mixture of water to fabric softener. Drop sponges into the mixture. Grab a sponge, wring out the excess liquid, and add it to the dryer with your wet clothes.

Seal your container between uses.

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Photo Credit: Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl