12 Gorgeous Alternatives to Traditional Dyed Easter Eggs (1 of 13)

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Twine Easter Eggs

It's that time of year when store shelves are loaded with Easter egg dyeing kits. But not everyone loves the mess and hassle of dyeing eggs, and there are plenty of alternative options to your typical Easter eggs that are both stunning and easy to make -- or in some cases, easy to buy, because if you're anything like me, holidays always sneak up on you. Plus, I love being able to have the eggs out for an extended period of time without having to blow them out so they don't go bad, and it's always nice to have a go-to collection that I can pull out year after year and that become a special memento for the holiday. Here are a dozen options for alternatives to your standard Easter eggs no matter what your style.

Baker's Twine Easter Eggs

Twine has been a hot item on the craft market lately, and because it comes in such gorgeous pastel colors, it's a great material to use in creating Easter eggs. Landee Anderson of Landee See Landee Do created this beautiful basket of eggs using a plastic egg base, a little bit of glue, some Mod Podge, and twine of various colors. We love the texture, pattern, and color of this bunch.

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Photo Credit: Landee Anderson