10 Fun, Stylish Bedrooms for Boys (1 of 11)

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Home Gym

You may not think that boys care a lot about design, but these bedrooms are proof that smart design decisions can make all the difference between making a bedroom just a place to sleep or a space to call their own. Just as parents like to have their own master bedroom oasis, children should have the same luxury with a space that is a true reflection of them. Here are ten bedroom designs for boys that any little guy would love.

Home Gym

The parents of the two brothers who live in this New York City bedroom wanted a space where the boys could not only sleep but also hang out with their friends and burn off some energy on rainy days. Hilary Unger of Perianth Interior Design didn't hold back when she suggested a climbing wall and punching bag inside the room as well as creating an open space that doubles as an indoor basketball court. She maximized use of the space by adding lofts above the beds which offer some personal space for each child, and added plenty of built-in storage, a must-have for city living. Those boys will never be bored with a room like this!

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Photo Credit: Zoe Chan