10 Colorful, Fun, and Sophisticated Bedding Sets for Kids (1 of 11)

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Get the Message Bedding

Kids spend as many as 12 hours sleeping each day so it's important that they've got a cozy place to rest their heads, and it certainly doesn't hurt if their bed looks great too! After all, the bedroom is probably the space that they spend the most time in and they should be excited about the way it looks. While it's natural to want to fill a child's bedroom with their favorite themed things, good bedding isn't cheap, and you'll want to select bedding that will last for many years -- whihc means not investing in character bedding they'll be tired of in six months. We've rounded up ten great kids bedding designs that will stand the test of time -- and provide years of sweet dreams.

Send a Message 

What better way to start and end the day then with fun phrases? Garnet Hill's Get the Message bedding comes in both boy and girl color schemes and features fun phrase and image combinations such as "Peace Out," "Tree Hugger," and "Good Egg"--all phrases that are certain to put a smile on their sweet little faces when they roll out of bed or are getting tucked in at night. (Get-the-Message Bedding, $18-98)

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