The 10 Best Gifts for New Babies: Guaranteed to be Cherished for Many Years to Come (1 of 11)

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Capture Baby's Growth from Day One

Whether you have children or not, picking out the perfect gift for a new little bundle of joy is often a daunting task. Besides the fact that there are so very many options out there, you want to know that the gift is both useful and that it has longevity, particularly when it's for someone you are very close to. All of those adorable little baby outfits are so tempting, but they don't last for long so when you're looking to make a lasting impression, try one of these new baby gifts that are sure to stand the test of time. (Rag & Bone Little Birdie Growth Chart, $16.)

Capture Baby's Growth from Day One

The thing about babies is that they grow so fast, and it starts the moment they are born! Before you know it they're sitting up, crawling, walking, and pretty soon they're off to kindergarten. Help mom and dad keep track of their new little one's growth with a growth chart. We love this one from Rag & Bone Boutique that allows parents to add dates and photographs of when their baby reaches new heights (up to 60"). It can be mounted on a more sturdy surface or attached to a wall with poster mounts, and because it's made of paper it rolls up nice and compactly to tuck away with other baby keepsakes.

Photo Credit: Rag & Bone Bindery