10 Quick and Easy Natural Beauty Treatments You Can DIY During Naptime (1 of 11)

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homemade yogurt

Each year, American women spend about US $7 billion on chemical-laden beauty products laced with potential carcinogens and hormone disruptors (and which are often tested on unwilling nonhuman subjects).

If that's something that bothers you (and rightly so), with the do-it-yourself frame of mind and well-selected ingredients, any woman can turn her kitchen into a home spa, chock-full of healthy, natural and totally good-for-you beauty treatments that are easy to do, easy on the wallet and good enough to eat. They're also quick enough to make and use -- most take less than an hour -- that you can turn your next quiet moment into a speedy spa date without tracking down a babysitter.

Caution: As with any foodstuff, if you're allergic to it, don't use it! All right, moving on...

Yogurt Face Mask 

A simple recipe that uses the benefits of yogurt: it's effective for clearing and disinfecting pores, acne prevention, moisturizing skin and revitalizing its texture. Plain yogurt is best, with low-fat varieties being better for oily skin and full-fat for dryer skin. Use around one cup; you can add in a 1/4 cup of honey for its antibacterial properties. If you can't bear to see food go to waste, you can even use that yogurt that's been expired for a few days. 

How to do it yourself: Mix and spread onto the face evenly. Leave it on 15 minutes. Remove with a damp facecloth, and rinse skin well. Pat your skin gently with a towel.

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