10 Family-Friendly Yoga Poses for All Ages (1 of 11)

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Bound Angle Pose

Everyone can benefit physically and mentally from the practice of yoga. The very meaning of yoga is to form a union between the body and the mind, which can help reduce stress and gain a greater connection to your body. Try to incorporate a few poses into your day, whether you can do them while playing with your kids or as part of your nightly bedtime routine. 

These 10 basic poses aren't too technical and can easily be done at any age or fitness level. The names of the postures are especially interesting to children and can help them to learn the movement quickly. Yoga poses don't have to be perfect for you to benefit from them, and it's ok to use supports like pillows to make the postures more comfortable. See how you feel after adding them into your daily routine and what difference they might make in your child's ability to be present in his body.

Bound Angle Pose
In a comfortable seated position, press your feet together and place them close to your groin. Relax your knees to allow the inner thigh and hip to open. For added support you can place pillows under your knees to encourage your hips to relax without unnecessary force. This versatile pose can also be done with your back against a wall or in a supine position laying on the ground. My toddler likes to pretend her feet are a book and she opens her feet to read the pages.

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