10 Exercises to Master in 2013 (1 of 11)

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Wouldn't you love to get in better shape this year? Whether you are already fit or more of a couch potato there are always ways to stay physically challenged. Two of the best ways are to get stronger and to gain greater mobility. It can be tempting to set a goal like losing 10 pounds or running a half-marathon, but it's just as legitimate to learn a few new skills or focus on building strength. 

Give your body the opportunity to learn how to do to something you previously thought was too hard or you didn't have the skill set to attempt.  Many of these movements can be done at home and require little to no equipment. Focus on trying a new one each week and track your progress through out the year.


A complete push-up is one exercise we should all be able to do, without relying on resting our knees on the ground. It seems simple enough as you start in a strong plank position and lower your torso to the ground. Start with these fabulous plank variations to strengthen your core at the same time.

The movement of a push-up might seem easy, but stay encouraged if it is difficult to do them. If you are new to performing a push-up, put your hands on an elevated surface like a bed or a park bench.  The higger the incline the easier it will be. Keep challenging yourself by lowering the incline until you can do the classic version with your hands on the floor. 

If you are already able to do push-ups with your knees completely off the ground, challenge yourself to see how many you can do in one minute. Your goal for the year will be to increase that number.

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