"Curious Critters" Book is Candy for Kids' Eyes & Brains (1 of 11)

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photo Monarch Caterpillar curious critters

Colorful. Creative. Cool. These three words come to mind when you open "Curious Critters" by David FitzSimmons, who teaches writing and literature at Ashland University in Ohio.

The author was nice enough to provide this blogger with a copy of his creation. The picture above, like others in the book, was taken by the author, who has an eye for finding color and beauty in the natural world.

He also has a skill for making science and discovery interesting and real, while still speaking at a level that kids can understand. This shot is of a monarch caterpillar, which undergoes metamorphosis and turns into a butterfly in the book, but it's only one of many jaw-dropping pics that will have you looking at creepy crawlies and neighborhood creatures in a whole new way.

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David FitzSimmons