10 Great Green Books to Read with Your Kids on Earth Day (1 of 11)

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Earth Day is coming up fast. From simple green service ideas to eco-friendly laundry ideas, there are plenty of ways to celebrate. But one of the best may also be one of the simplest - head on down to your local library and pick up some environmentally-themed books for kids.

Here are some of our favorites.

"The Lorax"

Given the recent hype over the movie (and the controversy over the studio's unsuccessful attempt to gloss over its green themes), it's hard to start any list of environmentally-minded books without the classic Lorax. Depicting a cautionary tale of what happens when short-term greed overcomes long-term sustainability (and care for your neighbors), this is a great morality tale for children of all ages. But be warned, if Lou Dobbs is to be believed this much beloved tale will convert your children into "occu-toddlers".

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