10 Celebrities that Give Homeschooling a Good Name (1 of 11)

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Venus and Serena Williams

From artists to authors, entertainers to inventors, and athletes to presidents, the celebrities on these pages traded traditional education for homeschooling -- and now they offer you a zingy response to skeptics. Are your parents concerned that your child will go nowhere in life without a strict public school education? Remind them that Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Claude Monet were all homeschooled. Are your friends suggesting that your kids won't get the right socialization? Point out that Dakota Fanning, Hilary Duff, and the Jonas Brothers were also educated at home -- and seem to have decent relationships with their peers. Read on for more famous faces that give homeschooling a good name.

Venus and Serena Williams

To keep up with their tennis practice schedule and give Venus and Serena Williams enough time to devote to the court, their father/coach decided that homeschooling was the best option for these sisters; Now this unstoppable pair holds 20 Grand Slam singles titles between the two of them.

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