10 Simple Ways to Save More Money in 2013 (1 of 11)

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Skip the Coffee Shop and Convenient Store

While money certainly won’t buy you happiness, it does give you the security that you can take care of your family if an emergency arises and allow you the freedom to be able to do the things that make you happy. However, many of us are struggling either to make ends meet or just to put a little bit of money in our savings accounts for when we really need it. But when was the last time you really looked at where your money is going? Chances are that, if you’re like most Americans, you are spending a lot more than you need to; money that could go to that vacation you desperately long for or the college education you aren’t sure how you’re going to pay for. Here are ten ways to save more money in 2013 whether you’re just starting out or have been stashing away your dollars for years.

Skip the Coffee Shop and Convenient Store

Every morning I head to the coffee shop down the road and spend $2.71 on a cup of coffee. Occasionally, I even go back for a refill in the afternoon. At just once per day that is $989.15 a year that I spend on coffee. This year I am vowing to make my coffee at home. I am buying myself a new coffee pot that has a timer and is self-cleaning so that my coffee is already prepared when I come downstairs in the morning, and I’ll have no excuses. And even after buying it and the good coffee from my coffee shop, I’ll still save at least $600 this year. My husband’s vice is the convenient store where he picks up soda and snacks. I don’t like to have those things in our house, but I will reach a compromise with him on what I can buy in bulk that he’ll be happy to take to work because paying $1.89 for a soda at the convenient store is crazy when you can buy a six-pack for $3 at the grocery store. Buy in bulk at the grocery store, and cut out your on-the-go purchases and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

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