Beyond Mac and Cheese: 10 Vegetarian Meals Your Kids Will Love (1 of 11)

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Not Just Macaroni and Cheese

There is no question that there are a lot of picky eaters out there, but I think we don't give kids enough credit for being interested in eating foods that don't fall under the general category of "kid friendly foods" like macaroni, grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken fingers. There are so many healthy things to try, whether your child is an adventurous or a timorous eater, and it's up to us to keep offering  menu items that go beyond macaroni and cheese.

At a time when there are many concerns about processed foods and childhood obesity,  it's important to offer our children healthy food choices. Introducing vegetarian meals into their diet is a great way to broaden their options and their taste. In fact, it's a pretty common occurence for children to become interested in a vegetarian diet and as parents, we must ensure that they get the proper nutrients, rather than just dropping meat out of their diet. 

I've compiled 10 recipes that are vegetarian, but familiar enough to kids that they won't think they are weird. Many of these recipes are easily changed if you want to substitue an ingredient that your child might prefer.

Photo: Kelly Rossiter