10 Tasty, Time-Saving Recipes from Family-Friendly Cookbooks (1 of 12)

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pretend soup

Getting kids to help out with the cooking is a great way to introduce them to new foods, and to show them how to make things they know they love. Cooking is a life skill, and one that we should all be teaching them. It helps to have some good cookbooks to get you started -- some with recipes aimed directly at junior chefs, and some that just help you get a healthy meal on the table with a minimum of fuss.

Bright Pink Dip From Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes

If you have small children at home you can't go wrong with Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes by Mollie Katzen and Ann Henderson. (Katzen is, of course, the author of the much-loved Moosewood Cookbook.) She and Henderson have created a book that is just adorable. There are all kinds of recipes here to appeal to very young children and older ones, too.

That photo is for bright pink dip, which is made by putting raspberries, yogurt, cream cheese and a bit of lemon juice in a blender and then giving it a whirl. Serve it with some cut up fruit and let the kids dip to their heart's content.

Photo: Kelly Rossiter