10 Sweet (and Stunning) Birthday Cake Ideas (1 of 11)

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Rainbow Doodle Cake

Birthday cakes-- few people have met one that they didn't like, and there is no doubt that, next to the birthday boy or girl, the cake is the star of any birthday party. While a simple homemade round cake is just lovely, there are a lot of people out there raising the bar in the world of birthday cakes with spectacular creations that wow everyone from the pint-sized guests to their parents.

Rainbow Doodle Cake

If your kids are like mine, they like to participate in the cake decorating. Rosie from Sweetopolita covered this rainbow layered cake (so fun!) in white fondant, let it chill overnight, and then let her four-year-old, the birthday girl, have at it with food color markers. Not only is the cake adorable, but it is also a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that truly shows her daughter's personality.

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Photo Credit: Sweetapolita