10 Delicious Ways to Serve Summer's Best Tomatoes (1 of 11)

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Naked Tomato Sauce

At a very early age, I was dubbed The Tomato Queen by my family. I've rarely met a tomato I didn't like, and if you happened to leave a pile of them on the counter fresh-picked from the garden, you had better be prepared that they probably wouldn't be there when you got back. I eat the big ones like apples and the little ones like grapes. There is just nothing quite like a fresh picked tomato off the vine, and as such this time of year is my favorite when every time I peak in the garden there are a pile of them to pick. But I do try to make an effort to hold onto them until meal time and use them in some of my favorite dishes, and in my opinion these are the ten greatest ways to enjoy a good tomato (other than off the vine).

Naked Tomato Sauce

Perhaps an obvious choice, a good homemade tomato sauce over pasta is always divine. But you don't have to get all complicated in sautéing onions and adding carrots and celery or much else for that matter. The best tomato sauces are the ones that simply highlight the taste of the actual tomato! Smitten Kitchen offers an easy and delicious recipe for Naked Tomato Sauce that you'll surely make over and over again.

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