Whatever You Do, Don’t Stop Moving

Self on 04.15.11
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It is a pretty well known fact among my friends and family that I am a giant procrastinator. I also have this gig as a blogger as well as several other jobs writing/blogging for other media outlets and my own business. That means I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer. The problem is that I have discovered that sitting still is the root of many of my problems, whereas constantly moving solves most of them.

The Problems

Being on the computer most of the day allows me to procrastinate by doing things like checking my friends’ statuses on Facebook and making sure I’m up to the minute on news and what’s on sale,  very important things indeed. It also allows me to procrastinate doing things like housework (which I despise!) because I’m busy “working”. In actuality, I do work a lot, but I could also probably be a lot more efficient.

Problem number two with being on the computer all day is that I let myself get fat. I don’t move enough at all! Sitting all day long is not good for you. I have finally managed to lose 22 pounds by doing Weight Watchers, but I’ve got about eight more pounds to go, and would like to go even further. I am positive that these last few pounds will be painfully slow if I don’t get some exercise, and I don’t have time for that because I have five weeks until my friend’s wedding. But my inner procrastinator tells me I don’t have time for exercise with everything else that has to get done around here, and even if I start, it probably won’t last.

Problem number three is that when I am on the computer and my four year old son is home, he gets bored. What should take me an hour to get done, takes me three hours to get done because I am answering the whining questions of “What can I doooo?” and “Can I have a snaaaaack?” every five minutes.

The Solution

The solution I have found to stopping the procrastination, winning the weight loss battle without going to the gym, and fighting off my son’s boredom is to just keep on moving. DO NOT sit down unless absolutely necessary. I repeat, DO NOT sit down. If I am up and moving around, I am getting things done whether it be doing dishes, weeding the garden, or vacuuming the house. My son is happy to help with these things so he is busy too, and particularly when we can be outside, we throw in some ball playing to go with it. Even though I might not be running a marathon, I am doing my body some good by not staying at rest.

So my new rule is that when my kids are around, we are on the go (unless I have an impending deadline that I really can’t avoid). I started really thinking this way last week, and this week I had one of my biggest weight losses at my Weight Watchers weigh in. I’m also much happier because my to do list is getting shorter and I am not constantly thinking of ways to procrastinate getting chores done, and my kids and I are spending more quality time together playing outside, getting our gardens prepped for planting, and more. Life is more fulfilling when I get out and do something instead of plopping my butt on the couch and perusing the internet or catching up on the Real Housewives.

I always remember hating all those women who when asked how they stayed so slim answered with “I chase my kids around.” I never believed them because I have two kids to chase around too, and it wasn’t working for me. But you actually have to get up and keep the kids and yourself moving as much as possible, and it works. And it makes sense too. Think about our grandmothers who never exercised, but spent all day cooking and cleaning, and always stayed trim. Pretty soon I’m going to be one of those women.  

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