Shhhh! Kelly Preston Schedules a "Silent" Birth -- Wait, Is That Even Possible?

Self on 03.05.11
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Kelly Preston and John Travolta recently welcomed their third child into the world. Baby Benjamin, little brother to Ella Bleu and Jett, who tragically died from a seizure disorder, was ushered into the world right before Thanksgiving. But there was no shouting from the rooftops for this little guy. His parents, as famous for their religion as they are for their acting careers, chose to deliver him in what the Church of Scientology calls a "silent birth."

Now, I don't know about you other mothers out there, but my delivery was anything but silent, so I was very much intrigued by this. While I wasn't screaming at the top of my lungs or blaming my husband with some choice expletives, I found that talking helped distract me from the horrors happening down south. We kept the TV on in the room for some background noise, and the nurse and I would trade jokes about the choice of interiors featured on my favorite home design show. And when it was time to get down to business, I liked the nurses counting me through the worst of bearing down. It was like I could see the light at the end of the pushing tunnel, even if it was in 10-second increments. For me, silence would have been deafening, making labor seem interminable.

Not so for Kelly Preston. Now, some may think that a celebrity's silent birth means they don't talk to the press (OK, we may have thought that, too), but that's not the case. She wanted a quiet room with as few words as possible. Explaining exactly what a silent birth is to the Today Show, she did point out that it's totally normal for a woman going through childbirth to moan or cry out from pain. Good to know along with her beauty, fame and fortune, she's not immune to pain, too. Then we'd really be envious. She simply wanted the doctors and nurses to stay as quiet as possible. No one was encouraging her to push, the nurses weren't counting for her and the conversation between everyone was non-existent. Kelly credits this birth plan for giving her three very calm, peaceful children. But our bets are that Benjamin broke the sound of silence with his first precious cry of life, and the joy in the room could be seen and felt, if not heard, too. 

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