Real Moms Weigh In: Can You Get Your Body Back After Having a Baby? (Video Blog)

Self on 09.28.11

Celebrity moms -- who have trainers, nutritionists, and a flexible work schedule at their disposal -- make slimming down after giving birth look easy. But for the rest of us, losing the baby weight and getting back to your pre-birth fitness level takes planning, dedication, and a new mindest.

Parentables writers Sarah Backhouse, Katie Morton, and Susan Wagner talk about how they tackled the process of getting their bodies back after having a baby: From making time to exercise and getting enough sleep to nursing and coming to terms with the emotional side of motherhood, these are the tips that worked for them.

Check out the video and then let us know in the comments: Did you stress out about getting your body back after having a baby? What worked -- or didn't work -- for you?

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