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Self on 06.27.11
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Yesterday was just one of those days. I woke up to a phone call from my dealership reminding me I had an appointment to drop off my car for inspection: Where was I?

And (very kindly) did I need a ride home? I groggily answered I'd be there in ten minutes and after some hesitation, I told him I'd run home (what I didn't tell him was that I had already turned off the alarm clock and consciously decided to run later that day-- but felt guilty about it, not knowing if I'd get another opportunity). Two problems fixed and off I went... 

Once I had my car dropped off, I had exactly 57 minutes to run the 5 miles home -- a reachable goal -- because I had to be on the radio in 60 minutes to promo K+8. 

As I rounded the corner to my house at 8:59 am, Cara and Mady's teacher pulled up beside me -- which instantly reminded me that they had math tutoring at 9 a.m. (they love their teacher and we are close friends so they agreed to be tutored this summer in order to 'hang out' weekly). I had forgotten tutoring, too! 

Wasting no time, I quickly hopped into her car for the last quarter of a mile so I could race into my bedroom/office and jump on the radio -- whew! I made it! 

After spending two hours doing back-to-back interviews (I LOVE radio and would love to lend my gift of gab to do my own radio show at some point, by the way) I came out to feed my kids lunch and film the last part of an upcoming K+8 show! 

Was the Afternoon More Relaxed? Not Likely!

By this time, it was early afternoon and I had scheduled the boys' haircut appointments (one appointment I didn't forget that day, thank you very much!) so I collected them, put them in the car and off we went! Prior to leaving, I did what any organized mom would do, and I made a conscious effort to place my checkbook into my purse. I remember where I was standing when I inserted it safely and deeply into my purse! 

Well, as we arrived at the salon, I reached for my checkbook and, you guessed it, the darn checkbook was no where to be found. After obsessively searching my purse using three different search methods, I still came up empty handed. So I decided I'd check the car and call my babysitter! Nope, no checkbook. 

Michelle, the boys' hairdresser, who is my same age, just shook her head and laughed. I asked her, a mom of 3, if she is beginning to misplace things too. As if items evaporate into thin air? She again laughed and said 'It's happening almost daily now!' 

John, her dad, piped up from his hair chair and said 'Wait it only gets worse!' Both Michelle and I made cringy faces and shuddered! 

I lamented that my days are too busy to be foiled by my own busyness! How annoying to add 'the search for the checkbook' to my already insurmountable list of 'to do's'. Ugh, to say the very least! 

When completed, I paid for the boys haircuts using cash (whew!) and headed out to the car with three freshly groomed, handsome 7-year-olds! It was only then that my boys reminded me that my purse had fallen onto the floor behind my seat while I drove and that "Probly the check book is under your seat, Mommy!" So I sent their compact selves into the car to search the dreaded underneaths of the seats and -- within a millisecond -- my Joel proudly produced the evasive checkbook! 

I praised his efforts, and smiled to myself! See? I knew I wasn't crazy.... 

Ok, now back to regular life.....well, until tomorrow, I guess.... 

Have a gr8 day! 



Photo: Brad Kennerley

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