The Joys of Knitting Go Beyond the Finished Product

Self on 12.20.12
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For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been knitting like crazy, trying to finish a beautiful cream-coloured scarf as a Christmas gift for my mother. (I really hope she isn’t reading this right now!) This scarf began its life over a year ago, which speaks to my inability to knit quickly, but I’m determined to finish it in time for Christmas morning. I found the yarn in a bargain bin at the local thrift store, three big balls of 100% pure wool from a local sheep farmer, for a grand total of $3. To say it was a deal is an understatement. Now it’s in the process of being transformed into a lovely ribbed scarf with dangly tassels on the end.

I learned to knit entirely by accident, receiving an invitation to come to the Happy Knitters’ Club one evening when I was visiting the small town where my husband worked. I was bored, having spent days taking care of our eight-month-old son, and was desperate to get out, so I agreed to go. I was reluctant, associating knitting with my white-haired great-aunt who never budged from the armchair in front of the TV, but I quickly realized my perceptions of knitting weren’t what I thought. The room was full of young, hip, energetic women, most of whom had little kids like me and talked about real things as their knitting needles clicked and flashed. The organizer gave me some green yarn and slippery needles that required every ounce of my attention to prevent my painstaking stitches from melting apart.

That was four years ago. My knitting has improved significantly, but best of all is that group of women (and the occasional man) – the first friends I made in the town I eventually moved to. It’s also very satisfying to have a tangible skill that allows me to create handmade gifts for friends and family. On that note, I’d better get back to my knitting if I hope to finish that scarf in five days!

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