I Hated Being Pregnant, and I Can't Wait to Do It Again

Self on 04.20.11
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When I first became pregnant, I couldn't wait to sprout the baby bump. I had grand dreams of empire waists, tunics with leggings, and tight T-shirts designed to show off my growing belly and say to the world, "I'm pregnant and proud of it." Oh, how quickly those dreams gave way to the reality of actually being pregnant.

I didn't love being pregnant. There, I said it. Yes, there were more than a few moments of pregnancy that I will always treasure. Feeling my daughter swimming around, talking to her long into the night when I couldn't sleep, and wrapping my arms around my belly to give her "hugs" are just a few of the things I did love about being pregnant. But there were so many more that I really could have done without.

During my first trimester, I was sick, sick, sick, and I had a monster aversion to meat. My second trimester brought a constant and searing pain below my right rib cage that couldn't be relieved no matter how many pillows and positions I tried (in my cubicle at the office, mind you). And the third trimester is when I gained a lot of my weight, swelled almost beyond recognition, and developed a cold/sinus infection that lasted for three months because I couldn't take anything to alleviate the symptoms.

Beyond all of that, I had friends and strangers alike slinging questions and comments at me that I'm pretty sure were coming from a good place (right?), but really just made me feel worse. "Don't you just love being pregnant?" No, no, I don't. "You have such a glow about you." Yes, that will happen when you spend 10 minutes hugging the toilet only to spend the next 10 struggling to return to a standing position because you have 40 pounds of baby throwing off your center of gravity. And my personal favorite, "My God, you're so huge. You must be ready to pop any minute." Gee, thanks! Stellar boost for my already fragile self-esteem.

You would think that now when I see pregnant women, I say to myself, "Thank goodness that's not me!" But no. I'm envious of them. I want to be them. Whether they see it or not, I see the glow they have, how beautiful they are, and how precious that time is. The hubby and I aren't quite ready for No. 2 yet, but when we are, I'll embrace the pain, swelling, weight gain, and all-around yuckiness with open arms, because I know the beautiful parts will await me, too. I also know the end result. My first pregnancy was the best decision I ever made, and hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to do it again. I can't wait.

What was your pregnancy like? Tell me what you loved and what you could have done without?

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