Angels Seem to Lose the Baby Weight Quickly, But Is It Healthy?

Self on 04.04.11
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As I was cruising the Internet today to catch up on all the gossip I missed over the weekend, I came across a horrifying (and eye-opening) slideshow -- Victoria's Secret Models: The Baby to Babe Transitions! My self-esteem screamed at me to look away, go anywhere else on the Web other than clicking through it. But I couldn't help it. I'm a new mom still struggling to lose the baby weight. I had to see what they looked like.

Of course, they looked fabulous. Seven models, seven new moms, and seven flat tummies. It took me all of seven seconds to determine that it can't be healthy to lose that amount of weight that quickly, right? Wrong. Turns out that was just my self-esteem talking again. Averaging around six months to get in pre-baby shape, all seven women seemed to have done it the old-fashioned, healthy way: diet and exercise.

Miranda Kerr maintains a healthy diet not only for her figure, but also in order to breastfeed her son, Flynn. She also practices yoga and does squats.  Another healthy diet proponent is Alessandra Ambrosio, but her workouts include a little more cardio, with some ballet, lunges, and capoeira thrown in for good measure. Adriana Lima dumped carbs in favor of an all-protein diet for a few weeks, and worked out every day (sometimes twice a day) for an hour or two doing cardio-heavy workouts. Karolina Kurkova turned to a little bit of fiber and whole lot of booty-shaking doing ballet and cardio funk.

Now, I know what we're all thinking. Of course they can do it; they probably have trainers and nutritionists to help them along. If we had that, along with a nanny and massage therapist, we could easily drop our unwanted lbs. in record time, too. And according to the Mayo Clinic, six months is a reasonable amount of time to do so, but who are we kidding? Between a baby, husband, dog, house, job, and (a rather sad) social life, I just don't have the time or the energy to work out like these ladies do. Of course, I don't have a job paying me millions to get back into runway shape, either. My doctor told me that it took nine months to gain the weight and grow and healthy, beautiful baby. I shouldn't be discouraged that it may take me even longer than that to get back in shape. So, until then, I will just strap my baby girl in her Baby Bjorn for our walks around the neighborhood, conveniently hiding my belly in the process.

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