5 iPhone Apps That Can Make You Happier

Self on 04.24.12
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I love my iPhone. I have it with me at all times and confess that I may have even developed a tiny addiction to the portable technology and access to EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD AT ALL TIMES. Ahem. Of course, what makes the iPhone great is the vast array of apps available, including many that can help you be healthier, more organized, and, I propose, all around happier.

1. All-in Yoga (Arawella Corporation)

All-in Yoga app

It's like my very own mobile yoga studio, complete with a yoga teacher giving me tips on when to inhale and exhale. Keeping track of my progress on a calendar helps motivate me to get up early in the morning and make time for my practice. There are dozens of routines available based on ability, goal, or time available.

2. Meditation (Red Hammer Software)

meditation app

This simple iPhone app mixes soothing music with pretty pictures. It helps me clear my mind for a few minutes at a time. If I really want to up my meditation game, I can set the silent timer and sit quietly for a few minutes before being nudged by a gentle chime. Regular meditation is thought to reduce stress and anxiety and improve our ability to concentrate.

3. Sleep Cycle (Maciek Drejak Labs)

sleep cycle app

This sleep cycle app is designed to help you wake up feeling refreshed every morning, no matter how much sleep you actually got. It works by monitoring your movements and analyzing where you are in your sleep cycle. It will then wake you up at the optimum point in your sleep cycle, within 30 minutes of a time you designate.

4. Opus Domini Mobile (Piso 13)

franklin covey planner app

At first glance, this looks like just another day planner app. OK, it is another day planner app, but it's also the closest mobile app I've found to the traditional Franklin Covey planning system. Based on the philosophy behind the best seller 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this app helps me to make time for my goals and most important roles. I'm not just productive, I'm more focused on what matters most.

5. Gratitude Journal (Happy Tapper)

gratitude journal app

Developing a daily gratitude practice is a simple way to improve your outlook on life. The Gratitude Journal makes it easy to note 5 things you are grateful for each day. You can also attach a photo to each daily entry and keep track of the location and weather, giving you a complete journal you can look back through when you need an attitude adjustment.

What apps make you happy?

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