20 Ideas for Going on a Date with Your Spouse

Self on 04.18.13
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My husband and I used to have aspirations of a weekly date night, but admittedly we've fallen short of that goal. Life gets busy and the calendar fills up at an uncomfortably fast rate. Now several weeks have passed and we've spent very little time together. The result, I've noticed, is increased irritability in both of us. I've realized something has to change because keeping our relationship healthy and enjoyable is one of my top priorities. That's what inspired me to come up with this list of ways to hang out together. 

1. Put the kids to bed early and cook dinner together.

2. Get up early, share coffee, and watch the sunrise before the kids get up. (This is for the very ambitious!)

3. Pull out the old “dinner and movie” standby, which never grows old. 

4. Order in and curl up on the couch for a movie. Take turns picking the movie so you can each learn to appreciate each other's tastes in movies. (Forgetting Sarah Marshall got a lot of laughs this week. It's very awkwardly funny.)

5. Play cards or a board game for two. Scrabble, backgammon, Carcassonne, Othello, Battleship, checkers, chess, Lost Cities are a few suggestions.

6. Light a campfire in the backyard if you can and enjoy the peaceful quiet of an evening. 

7. Check out some nice hiking trails in your area and pack a picnic. 

8. Have a “wireless” date night at home, where you dedicate a full evening to being together, with all phones and computers and TVs turned off.

9. Go on a quick road trip. You’d be surprised at what cool little towns and natural spots exist within an hour’s drive of home. 

10. Check out some garage sales together and select old furniture that you could restore together.

11. See if any local theatre companies are putting on productions or if there are local concerts happening. 

12. Remember the early days of dating? Go out for a date, but agree to meet at a specific location instead of going together. Get ready individually and experience that thrill of looking for your lover in a public setting.

13. Sign up for a trial class together at that CrossFit gym you’ve been wondering about, or try a hot yoga class, or a Tabata workout.

14. Meet for a lunch date, which is fun and different from the usual dinner dates. 

15. Five-dollar date: head to a farmer’s market, flea market, or thrift store. Each of you can scour the place for the best gift for each other that can be bought for $5.

16. Go to the park without kids. Take coffee in a Thermos and sit on a bench, watching the world and enjoying each other’s company.

17. Have a private photo shoot at home. Just have fun with the camera, the two of you. (Interpret as you will!)

18. Keep it simple with a couple of good books, whether at a local coffee shop, the library, or on the sofa at home. Try exchanging favourites and see if one of you loves Wuthering Heights as much as the other loves The Lord of the Rings. Or read aloud to each other, something satisfying and romantic such as The End of the Alphabet.

19. Sign up for dancing lessons or just put on some good tunes and groove around the house.

20. Go for a walk through your neighbourhood and intentionally deviate from your normal route in order to discover new areas. 

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