17 Mother’s Day Gifts to Give Yourself

Self on 05.01.12
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Mother's Day is coming, which hopefully means your kids and/or co-parent are already planning something special for you. But why wait? Take this month to celebrate yourself and all the things you've gotten right - as a parent and a woman. Pick one gift a week and turn May into Mother's Month!

1. Get a pedicure. Take your favorite book and turn on the chair massager.

2. Rent a movie that you never got the chance to see in theaters. Buy the good popcorn.

3. Spend a day in the spa at a fancy hotel. Sauna, steam, soak, nap, read magazines in a fluffy robe!

4. Invite your friends over for dinner. Cook it together.

cook with friends
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5. Make a self-esteem playlist for your iPod. Download your favorite songs by the chick bands that make you proud to have PMS.

6. Go for a walk with your kids. Talking with them is, after all, one of the best things about motherhood.

7. Update your makeup routine. Schedule an appointment for a makeover at your favorite cosmetic counter and treat yourself to a new color or product.

get new makeup
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8. Take a class. Whether it's cooking, yoga, or glass blowing, learning something new is fun and a self esteem booster.

9. Spend time on your hobby. Finish that scrapbook, go for a photo walk, or buy material for a new sewing project.

10. Sleep in. Set aside one day this month when you can wake up whenever you want. Ask your co-parent or other support teammate to take breakfast duty if necessary.

11. Go to the park. Kids optional.

go to the park
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12. Get your haircut.

13. Get in touch with an old friend.

14. Cook your favorite meal. Don't worry about the calories or the carbs for one night.

15. Buy yourself flowers.

buy yourself flowers
Photo: Liz West/Creative Commons

16. Give yourself an at-home facial.

17. Read your favorite magazine from cover to cover.

What's your favorite thing to do for yourself?

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