The 12 Things a Mom Really Wants for Christmas

Self on 12.19.11
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While I would really love a new pair of boots or a new laptop this Christmas, as the holiday draws closer and our family keeps spinning in a whirlwind of holiday parties and gift giving while trying to stay on top of our work and school commitments, I realize that what I really want for Christmas can’t be bought in stores. For moms (and dads) sometimes our biggest wishes can’t be bought at all. As a mom, my version of the 12 Days of Christmas wish list should look a little more like this:

One clean house,
Two well-mannered children,
Three home cooked meals,
Four paws wiped before coming inside the house,
Five minutes to myself,
Six cups of coffee,
Seven loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded,
Eight bags of groceries delivered to my door,
Nine dozen Christmas cards addressed, stamped, and mailed for me,
Ten dozen cookies baked for teacher gifts, cookie swaps, and parties,
Eleven presents purchased that the recipients won’t want to return,
And last but certainly not least, twelve hours of sleep!

No matter how hard we try we can’t squeeze 30 hours of things that need to get done into the 24 hours we are given each day, and considering so many of us are on tight budgets, if you have a friend or relative on your gift list that happens to be a parent, like me I bet any one of them would be incredibly thrilled to receive one of the gifts above. It might just be the best present they ever got. And maybe we can’t control their kids’ behavior or catch some shut-eye for them, but we sure could offer a “coupon” for dinners, house cleaning, baby sitting, or other services we may have to offer that would lend a hand. I'm not  saying that I would expect anyone to buy these things for me. I just wish I had some elves. Oh, to dream!

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