Let Gucci Dress Your Child -- For Only $1,000

Real Style on 05.20.11
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If you're like me, you get clothes for your children wherever you can for as little money as possible. Stores like Target and Old Navy are right up my alley. They offer really cute clothes, and I won't be in trouble with the hubby when I get home for spending too much money. And I'm never above a good hand-me-down outfit, either.

Children outgrow their clothes so quickly, not to mention how dirty they can get in just one wearing, especially if they're just learning to feed themselves. I can't justify blowing the budget on baby clothes. But others disagree with me, and they'll spend exorbitant amounts of money to dress their child in the latest fashions with the chicest labels. Luckily for them, three very prominent fashion houses have designed a line of clothes for children.



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This collection features more of a preppy vibe, while still using many of the things Gucci is known for. You can shop for baby basics like rompers ($195), T-shirts ($90), and bibs (3 for $150), but children ages 2 to 8 can really flex their fashionista muscles. Girls can rock leggings ($130), shirt dresses ($195), or a classic trench coat ($495), and boys can sport double-breasted jackets ($465), loafers ($220), or a more casual sailor look complete with cargo shorts ($195) and a windbreaker ($245). If these prices just aren't fancy enough for you, then go for the leather bomber jacket. It'll only set you back $1,450. 



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If your child skews more toward the sweet side, with a bit of a resort-wear edge, then Fendi just may be his or her boutique of choice. This collection features more ruffles, lighter colors, and a slightly more casual attitude. Like Gucci, Fendi offers one collection for babies and another for bigger kids. But unlike Gucci, you'll have to shop at the store to get the clothes; they're not sold online. They're also a little more secretive with their prices, but The Fashion Spot tells us that pieces range from $150 to $600.



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And the latest collection for little ones comes from Versace. Definitely geared toward your budding rocker, this line features a lot of black, a lot of glitter, and a lot of attitude. Well, from what we can see of it anyway. The collection won't be officially presented until sometime in June, but People Magazine got a few sketches to show off. The clothes will be available in stores next year. Because the collection has not quite come to fruition yet, prices aren't set, but I think we can all guess the range it will fall into.

Just like their adult counterparts, these clothes are amazing -- and still way too expensive for my household. If I could borrow an outfit for an hour or so, just to have a picture of my daughter in it, I would do it in a second. Until Gucci comes calling, though, we'll have to be content with our Target best.

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