With Kids in School, Dad Goes Shopping

Real Style on 09.01.11
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Have you seen the "it's the most wonderful time of the year" commercial? A dad is blissfully walking through a store, buying back-to-school items, knowing that soon, dad will be able to rest after a busy kids-all-the-time summer. If your child has already gone back to school, good for you.

For us in Michigan, the summer doesn't end until after Labor Day. It's a state law, so families can spent more time together (so businesses can make more money from end-of-summer vacations). I'm looking forward to back-to-school so I can go shopping. Not for the kids. My wife already did that last week or so. Both of our elementary-aged girls got nice new clothes and supplies.

Next up: When my wife takes me shopping.

Yes, I am looking forward to the kids being in school, and going back-to-school shopping for myself, for my clothes, for some dad supplies. Of course, I also can use my wife Suzanne's help, just like she helped the kids. I'm not exactly Clinton from "What Not to Wear." Ugh, I know it's a TLC show, but the theme song just makes my stomach turn.

But, Suzanne loves the show, and all things fashion. And I'm happy enough to let her pick out my (the kids have gone) back-to-school clothes. To a point. I'm not going to wear anything that makes me look (more) like a pot roast or accentuates my, um, pectoral protrusions.

As a guy, though, I can use some help in picking out clothes. Sure, I know my size and can shop for myself. And I'll probably come back with a bunch of shirts and pants, all very similar, slightly different earth colors, etc. Like most guys (I think), my idea of an "outfit" is a top and bottom, shirts and pants, whatever's clean. Shoes? I already have a pair. Isn't that enough?

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