How to Wear Florals

Real Style on 02.13.12
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Floral prints are back for spring, but you don’t have to wait for warmer weather to bring on the flowers; a floral print is an easy way to add color and texture to your winter basics. Florals can be tricky, though: One wrong step and you suddenly look ten years older. Here’s how to work the floral trend without looking dowdy.

Choose your print carefully -- opt for one that is bold and slightly graphic, rather than washed out and romantic. A big floral print is universally flattering while a smaller floral can be hard to wear. Black and white florals are the easiest to pull off, but a colorful floral print can also work, as long as it’s not too precious or girly. Steer clear of neon or pastel florals; the first is very young while the second is very old. And you are neither, really.

Contain your print to one piece of clothing. A skirt is the ideal choice here -- a really lovely floral skirt can be a wardrobe staple. Choose a shape that fits your figure; an A-line is both universally flattering and just girly enough to stand up to a big floral print, but a floral pencil skirt is a cool alternative to the basic straight skirt option. Keep the hemline close to the knee, though -- anything longer and you’re wandering into grandma territory.

Pair your floral skirt with polished, slightly masculine pieces, like a crewneck sweater and boots (for cold weather) or a fitted tee and a denim jacket (for warmer weather).  Or give it a more girly edge with a ruffled blouse and some pretty heels. Or mix and match -- a ruffly blouse and boots, or a turtleneck and heels. To get the most wear out of your floral skirt, treat it like a basic rather than a trend and wear it all the time.

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