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Real Style on 11.02.11
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Photo: Pencil Shavings

I constantly look to other women for style inspiration, both for my closet and my everyday life. My favorite source are style blogs, in all their incarnations -- here are five of my favorite style and design blogs, all written by women who also happen to be moms. A word of warning, though: these girls will make you want to redecorate your house and revamp your closet. Just so you know.

Pencil Shavings
Rachel Shingleton is my real-life neighbor, and I can say for a fact that she is one of the most stylish moms I know. Her design sense is impeccable (check out the incredibly lovely lucite trays in her Etsy shop) and she has an unerring eye for lovely things. Rachel’s blog will inspire you to make your own life a little prettier, which is always a good thing.

Petit Elefant

Photo: Petit Elefant

Petit Elefant
Subtitled “A Little Bit of a Lot,” blogger Allison Cznarecki’s site is chock full of lifestyle tips for moms. Allison’s What’s in Your Purse series is always fun; readers send her photos of their purses and all the junk -- er, important stuff they are carrying in them. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one with 1,000 scrunched up tissues in my bag.

Say Yes to Hoboken

Photo: Say Yes to Hoboken

Say Yes to Hoboken
Liz Stanley’s blog makes me wish she were my next-door neighbor. My favorite feature at Say Yes to Hoboken is Sister Style, where Liz and her sisters share a peek into their closets. Often the sisters will all wear the same piece, but they style it in very different ways.

Design Mom

Photo: Design Mom

Design Mom
Designer and mom of six Gabrielle Blair has an eye for beautiful things. Currently she and her family are living in France for a year; she documents their travels and their life abroad on her blog, complete with stunning photographs. Be sure to read the series of posts Gabby wrote about their house in France, too!

The Frog and Snail Society

Photo: The Frog & Snail Society

The Frog & Snail Society
Blogger Roxanna Sarmiento used to work in the beauty industry; now she’s a mom to three boys. But she hans’t lost her love of beautiful things -- she’s just trying to find them in colors other than pink. The Frog & Snail Society is a thoughtfully curated collection of boy-friendly cool stuff, everything from toys to clothes to snack options for kids with allergies (Roxanna’s youngest son was just diagnosed with a nut and dairy allergy).

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