Earrings and Hair Dye: How Young is Too Young?

Real Style on 06.15.11
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When I was a little girl, I can remember clearly asking for one thing consistently and often: I wanted to get my ears pierced. Badly. I could never figure out why my mother didn't just punch some holes in my lobes when I was a small baby. Then, I would be able to wear those oh-so-fashionable neon plastic earrings that were all the rage in elementary school.

But she insisted I wait until I was older, giving me everyone's favorite line, "Because I said so." Finally, on my 7th birthday, I had talked her into it. She made it a special mother-daughter date. We went to the mall and had lunch. And, after much anticipation, the time had come. We went to the store, picked out my starter pair of earrings (gold studs), and I plopped my excited rear in the chair. Minutes later, I was done, walking through the mall, proudly showing off my red and puffy earlobes to anyone who would look at them.

Now, Courteney Cox Arquette is following suit by giving her daughter Coco a special treat for her 7th birthday: E! Online is reporting that the littlest Arquette went to a hair salon in Malibu, Calif., and had blue and purple streaks dyed throughout her light brown hair. This latest Hollywood hair story has many wondering if Coco is too young for this type of salon treatment. The comments to the various articles about this are rich and varied. Many are saying she's too young and it's too much for a small girl. Others are saying it's summer and she should be able to have a little bit of fun.

My guess is the dye isn't permanent and will wash out eventually. Even if it is permanent, it's just hair. It will still fade or grow out and return to her natural color. Either way, it's a lot less permanent and a lot less invasive than getting your ears pierced. This is not to say that I would let my daughter dye her hair purple if she asked, because I wouldn't. And I'm not sure I would let her get her ears pierced at 7, either, though we shall see how that argument plays out. I wonder how long Coco argued with her mother before she got her way and they headed out to the salon.

What do you think? Is 7 too young for a few playful highlights, or do you think she's just having a little bit of harmless fun? Let me know in the comments below.

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