A Custom Selected Box of Kids Clothes Delivered to Your Door Each Month? It Can Easily Be Your Reality

Real Style on 03.08.12
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Kids grow like weeds. There's a reason that that saying exists. It's completely true. One day everything fits normally and the next day their pants are two inches too short. And as if moms and dads didn't already have enough on their plates in the modern world we live in, trying to squeeze in a trip to the mall or spending the evening online ordering socks and t-shirts isn't typically the most appealing way to use our evenings and weekends. So what if you could have a box of brand new hand-selected clothes delivered to your door once a month just like your husband's beer of the month club? Guess what? You can with Wittlebee!

What You Get

The Wittlebee Box of the Month provides eight new pieces of children's clothing delivered right to your doorstep once a month. And they don't just send you anything. The items are tailored to your style because the first step of the process is filling out your child's style profile. Simply select your child's gender, age (0-5 years), current size (0-6 years), color preferences, style, personality, the climate you're looking to dress for, and what types of items you need most. And before your first order arrives (about a week later), you'll talk to your stylist who will answer any questions and who you can give even more preferences to if need be. You can change your profile at any time because let's face it, kids change their minds frequently and you don't need a box of red t-shirts when your son's new favorite color is blue.

Now, this service isn't for frilly frocks and the latest in hot shoes. It's for your kids' basic clothes, but they're still cute and stylish. Wittlebee sticks to things like long and short sleeve t-shirts, leggings, shorts, pants, and socks. While they do offer some patterns, solids make up a large part of their inventory. They aren't looking to create outfits for you, but to provide those closet staples that you never seem to have enough of in an easy manner.

Affordable and Easy

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, perhaps the best part is that it's only $39.95 per month including shipping. That's less than $5 per piece, and even if you spent hours running from store to store checking out the latest and greatest sales, chances are you aren't going to find prices like that. And have no fear, your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed so if you don't like something in your box, you can exchange it, but considering you have the same stylist selecting each of your boxes, chances are that you'll be happy. Plus, if Grandma suddenly buys out the local children's boutique, you can put your membership on pause or stop it altogether whenever you want.

All moms have their hands full so why not take this one mundane task off your list of things to do? We also think this would be a fabulous gift to give to new parents (just be sure to figure out how many months you want to give and remember to cancel at the appropriate time).

For more information or to sign up, go to www.wittlebee.com.

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